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Access Control & Intercom Installs in Kent, London and the South East

When your access control system is tailored to and designed for your building... it's no fluke that it works efficiently. 

Addresses your security concerns and...

...puts you in control of who is where inside your building

I want a tailored Access Control system

Access Control and Intercom systems the South East loves...

Access Control installation and maintenance

Stand-alone or Networked

A simple stand-alone system allows staff in and out of your building.

While a networked access control system lets you control who's allowed in any or all rooms on your premises
Automatic Gates & Barriers installation and maintenance

Automated Gates and Barriers

Automated gates and barriers stop unauthorised vehicles from entering your business.

Our dedicated support maintains seamless operation and safety.
Intercom installation and maintenance for office blocks in Kent

Intercom Systems

See and/or speak to visitors at the door. You're in control...

You'll love the clear, secure communication. And the seamless design, installation and support...
Intercom system installation for flats and apartments

Preventative Maintenance

Polite, punctual engineers never miss your scheduled maintenance.

Like an MOT it keeps your system doing what it's supposed to, for years to come.

Businesses love working with a Fire & Security company who listens... like a detective!

 Just wanted to say how much I appreciate the attention to detail shown by Quartz Empire. A massive improvement over the terrible service shown by our previous provider. All appreciated...
Rob Starkings, Bursar
Most security companies can install Access Control or Intercom hardware. But will you end up with a system that does what you need it to do?

That's when our 20+ years track record comes into play. We'll design you tailored security solutions that work with your unique requirements and concerns. Whether that's a single-door intercom or an intricate multi-door access control system!
Access Control installations and maintenance in Kent, London and the South East

Because your Home Counties business premises is unique your access control must be too

Expect a two-way conversation that prioritises an in-depth understanding of your specific security needs. We'll scrutinize your Fire Risk Assessment, discuss operational prerequisites and most importantly listen...

And design you a system that addresses all your security concerns specific to your premises. 

With a long track record of installing a vast range of access control systems and intercoms ranging from: digital keypads, proximity readers, swipe cards, biometrics, smart credentials to advanced video door entry systems and automated gates. 

We'll design the best solution for your premises. And your budget..

For Access Control with the
Small Business Advantage

Let's chat... Dial: 0330 133 5950
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    You'll love working with Quartz Empire:
    • Listen like a detective: for a fire/security solution tailored to YOU
    • It's personal: service you'll love, right from your first phone call
    • Forensic Fire & Security: attention to detail, no corners cut. The safest hands
    • You save time, money & headaches in the long run

    Two reasons why the small business advantage will work for your Access Control installation and maintenance

    Taking control of who you're letting in!

    Say goodbye to the aggravation of regular key management. You can restrict access as needed, quickly grant or deny permissions, and ensure stringent security protocols are followed.

    So if someone leaves, you'll skip the nightmare of changing locks and replacing keys for everyone. Instead, whether it's a simple audio-only system, a comprehensive video intercom or a complex multi-building access control system you'll always be in control of who you're letting in your building.

    Keeping your business and  access control system running smoothly 

    Our access control systems and intercoms can easily be integrated with your existing security systems. This includes links to payroll, fire roll calls, and CCTV, enhancing your overall security management.

    We won't install and run... with our preventative maintenance and remote access support, we keep your systems running smoothly while you focus on what you do best - running your business.

    Businesses love working with a Fire & Security company who listen... like a detective!

     Quartz Empire have been the most professional there could be in understanding what and why we needed our system. Worked totally within our wants and wishes and this has resulted in a great system for us.

    We have no reason at all to not recommend this business and have in fact formed a professional relationship where they will support our business with our customers needs and requirements going forward.
    Simon Dobell, MD

    Tailoring Your Access Control system for both your budget AND security! 

    Access Control and Intercoms installation in Kent, London and the South East
    • Digital Keypads - numeric pad, requires code input for access
    • Proximity Readers - contactless access via cards, fobs, or tags
    • Swipe Cards - magnetic stripe cards, swiped for entry
    • Biometric readers - human features, like fingerprints, used for identification
    • Intercoms for Kent businesses - two-way audio or video communication, confirms visitor identity
    • Gate Automation in the South East - automatic gates, controlled remotely or via sensors
    • Video Door Entry in Kent - visual and audio verification, improves security!
    More than just 
    your Access Control
    You'll love your partnership with Quartz Empire. It starts with listening like a detective.

    Expect a hassle-free collaboration. And a more secure working environment for you, your staff and your business.
    I want a tailored Access Control system
    Small Business Advantage - long term partnerships with competitive pricing, quality works, honesty and a personal service you'll love

    How your small business advantage saves you time, money & bother...

    Save You Time

    Temporary fix at 5pm Friday - remote access or by phone. So your property is safe.
    Diagnose faulty detector - turn it off. But activate the rest. So your system works until an engineer can visit
    Reliable equipment - leave costly disruptions to your day-to-day productivity behind

    Save You Money

    Best system for your budget - design a tailored system and never force an out-of-the-box solution
    Bespoke design - to deal with the vulnerabilities specific to your premises
    Quality equipment & installation - wave goodbye to endless false alarms and call outs

    Save You Bother

    Single point of contact - your decision maker is directly available
    No chain of command - you're not passed from pillar to post and left on hold for ages
    Not left waiting for engineers - Remote access for immediate assistance. Punctual engineers for scheduled call outs.
    I want the small business advantage

    Your Fire & Security systems run like clockwork with quality equipment

    PaxtonTexecomHochikiHikvisionApolloAdvancedEntrotec Intercom SystemsBPT Access Control SystemsVidex Access Control SystemsVox Ignis Fire Protection and RefugeXtralis video surveillance fire, smoke and gas detectionDahua Technology Video Surveillance
    I want a tailored Access Control system
    Biometric Access Control in Kent and the Home Counties

    What factors influence the cost of your Access Control system?

    The cost of your access control system can vary greatly. It depends on the specifics of your building and the day-to-day requirements of your business. Factors such as the number of doors, type of access control (card, fob, biometric etc.), and integration with other systems can all affect the price. 

    Call us (0330 133 5950) and we’ll arrange a site survey. Our Access Control experts can see what is required and listen to you and other stakeholders.

    You really need a tailored quote for the most accurate pricing. We only install good quality equipment - from trusted manufacturers like Paxton and Videx. You can be sure it will be super-reliable and save you time, money and aggravation over the long term. Expect your access control system to serve you well for years to come.
    Help me with my Access Control system
    Access Control installation

    If my Access Control system breaks down, what kind of support can I expect?

    Expect comprehensive service and support for your access control system. If you encounter any issues, our team of experts is on the end of the phone, available and ready to help. We can troubleshoot problems remotely and/or send a technician to your site if necessary.

    Remember, regular maintenance and service checks ensure your system remains fully operational and in optimal condition. Again, saving you time, money and bother over time.
    I want my Access Control system to run like clockwork
    Access Control reports in warehouses

    Can I monitor access and generate reports with my Access Control system?

    Yes, of course, with an online access control system you have comprehensive monitoring and reporting features.

    Online systems also allow you to track who is entering and leaving your building, monitor access to specific areas in real-time and even set up alerts for unusual activity. Of course, if required, you can trawl through historical access data too. You'll have very flexible reports at your fingertips...

     These will help you identify patterns, spot any potential issues and ensure that only authorised individuals are accessing certain areas.
    Tell me more about Access Control reporting

    Why Quartz Empire? It's the small business advantage that saves you time, money and headaches in the long run...

    Dave Keegan - Quartz Empire Fire & Security Kent, London, the South East and the Home Counties

    If you’re sick of being treated like just another order number, isn’t it time for a change?

    The expectation is that larger, national companies have the resources. But often they don’t. You can end up with different engineers. And long, boring delays as they get to you from Birmingham... Often it leads to poorly maintained Fire & Security systems, frequent call-outs, faults and costly repairs. Which drain your budget.

    At Quartz Empire, we turn this model on its head. You’ll love the personal attention. Every client is a priority. It’s a crucial element of the seamless Fire & Security journey that starts with... listening like a detective. Moves on to understanding. Then designing a customised Fire & Security installation that fits your premises... like a glove.

    Choose the small business advantage. A true Fire & Security partnership. And watch your worries fade away...
    I want the small business advantage

    Forensic Fire & Security systems design and installation for businesses  in Kent and the Home Counties

    Fire & Security systems for Apartment Buildings in Kent, London and the South East
    Apartment Buildings
    Fire & Security Solutions for Office Blocks in London, Kent and the Home Counties
    Office Blocks
    Fire & Security systems for Logistics in the Home Counties


    Fire & Security systems for Manufacturing in the South East


    Fire & Security Solutions for Warehouses in London, Kent and the Home Counties


    Fire & Security Solutions for Mechanical & Engineering in Kent


    Businesses love working with a Fire & Security company who listens... like a detective!

     I would just like to say thank you... your guys were a breath of fresh air I will be speaking to my MD regarding using you for future projects.
    Steven Copeland, M&E Site Manager
    Fire and Security services in the Home Counties (1)

    Quartz Empire Fire & Security covers businesses and M&E contractors across the South East of England

    Because your building's safety doesn't end with Access Control...

    We offer a wide range of commercial wired and wireless Fire & Security systems. Designed and tailored to your premises... for seamless integration, flexibility and convenience. You're certain you'll get the system that works perfectly for your business, building and budget!
    I want the small business advantage

    Working with Quartz Empire Fire & Security will look like this...

    Listen like a detective - answer your questions and calm your concerns
    Bespoke design - compliant, reliable Fire and Security systems designed to fix your specific vulnerabilities
    Small business advantage 1 - local, independent company with a personalised service you just don't get with larger companies
    Single point of contact - your decision maker is directly available
    Hello reliability - goodbye endless callouts, system faults and false/unwanted alarms
    20 years of fire and security knowledge, covering Fire and Intruder Alarms, CCTV, Access Control and Intercoms
    10 more years of Police forensic experience your Fire & Security systems are in the safest of safe hands!
    Small Business Advantage 2 - competitive pricing, quality works, honest quotes and a personal service you'll love
    Fire Alarm system call point
    Best system for your business, building and budget - a tailored system. Compliant, reliable and never out-the-box
    Protect* your building - Fire Risk Assessments and Fire Safety training
    Saving you time, money and headaches by building business relationships for the long term...
    I want to find out how Quartz Empire can help
    No pressure. No hard sell. We're here to help you

    How can Quartz Empire Fire & Security Ltd help you?

    Fill out the form, let us know how we can help. We are here for you.

      We use the information you provide to contact you about Fire & Security services. You may unsubscribe at any time. For more information, see our Privacy Policy.

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