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Warning! Crucial new Fire Safety regulations every Responsible Person must heed!

Date: 13th December 2023
Warning! Crucial new Fire Safety regulations every Responsible Person must heed!

It’s big news in the world of fire safety regulations. The rules have changed and it's crucial for you to stay informed, if you’re responsible for fire safety in your premises.

As of October 1st, 2023, amendments to the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 introduce new duties for fire safety in workplaces and other non-domestic premises. Whether you're a small business owner, employer, building manager or accommodation proprietor, it's crucial to understand these changes and how they affect your role as a Responsible Person.

The buck stops where… who is responsible?

Responsibility rests with your Responsible Person. That is whoever is responsible for fire safety in your premises. Often it is business owners, employers, building owners or managers and accommodation proprietors but could be an employee. With the new regulations, the scope of responsibility and compliance has widened, emphasising the safety of all.

New Fire Safety Regulations: What’s changing and what it means to you?

The changes are thanks to Section 156 of the Building Safety Act 2022. It is all about beefing up fire safety in buildings. We're talking improved cooperation, enhanced authority powers, better access to safety info for residents, and more robust recording and sharing requirements. If you’re running a small business, these are changes you'll want to pay attention to. Especially this part:

  • Mandatory Fire Risk Assessments: Regardless of business size or number of employees, every Responsible Person must now complete a thorough fire risk assessment.
  • Detailed Recording of Assessments: You are required to record not just significant findings but all hazards and deficiencies identified during the assessment.

Wondering if these changes affect you? If you’re an employer, landlord, building owner, facilities manager, or even running a B & B, the answer is probably yes. It’s your job to make sure these new duties are fulfilled.

Every responsible person needs to complete a fire risk assessment for their premises, document it, and keep a record of all fire safety arrangements. The game has changed: even if you have fewer than five employees, you need to do this. And remember, all findings, big or small, must be recorded.

Building Safety Act 2022 Infographic

This infographic from Plymouth-based DX3 Fire & Security gives you a quick and easy overview of what the amendments mean:

Building Safety Act Infographic

Conducting your Fire Risk Assessment. Your two options

Conducting your fire risk assessment involves several key steps: identifying fire hazards, assessing the level of risk, eliminating or reducing risks, recording findings and emergency plans, and regularly reviewing and updating these measures. If you're new to this, don't worry. Competence comes with proper training. Or by hiring a certified assessor.

Tackling your FRA, should you do it yourself?

Absolutely, if you know what you’re doing! But remember, competence. It is key. As mentioned, training yourself to do it is an option. While hiring an expert hands the job over. Both ways are fine, as long as the job's done right.

New Fire Safety Regulations: Final thoughts

Navigating these regulatory changes may seem daunting. But with the right training or expert help, you can make sure your business is both safe and compliant. The deadline for adapting to these changes was October 1st. So the time to act is NOW. Review the full legal changes, consider training options and ensure you meet the new requirements.

Still have questions or need guidance? Resources and detailed
official guidance are available here
and here.

Act Now for Safety and Compliance:

The deadline to adapt to these critical fire safety regulations has already passed, making immediate action not just a legal obligation but a necessity for the safety and well-being of everyone in your building. Don't let this be an oversight – make compliance a priority today.

Your Fire Safety roadmap, four steps to take:

  1. Review the Changes: familiarise yourself thoroughly with the new fire safety regulations. Knowledge is power, and in this case, it's also a legal requirement.
  2. Assess Your Needs: determine whether you can conduct the fire risk assessment yourself or if you need to bring in an expert.
  3. Seek Training or Expertise: if you decide to do it yourself, ensure you have the right training. Otherwise, seek a certified and competent professional to handle the assessment.
  4. Schedule Your Assessment: act now. Whether you're doing it yourself or hiring help, set a date for your assessment and stick to it.

Confused? We’re your Fire Safety net…

At Quartz Empire Fire & Security, we understand the complexities of these regulations and the challenges they pose. If you're feeling overwhelmed or unsure about your next steps, we're just a call or an email away. Our team of experts can guide you through the process, help arrange your Fire Risk Assessment with a competent person, and ensure you're not just compliant, but also confidently safe.

Don’t delay. Act now!

Don't wait for an inspection to reveal gaps in your safety strategy. Reach out to us now, and let's make sure your business is a model of fire safety and regulatory compliance.

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